Blockchain Projects

October 2008

Bitcoin whitepaper by the nom-de-plume Satoshi Nakamoto is published

May 2010

First bitcoin purchase: BTC 10k for a $25 pizza. Today BTC 10k is worth $10 Milion! Bitcoin is known as the first use case of blockchain technology.

July 2014

Ethereum Project – a blockchain platform with the ability to build decentralized applications – is founded by a crowd sale

September 2015

Visa, Citi, Nasdaq, Capital One &Fiserv invest $30m in the blockchain startup

September 2018

WEC estimates that 80% of all banks will initiate projects concerning distributed ledger technology – the underlined technology supporting blockchain.

Blockchain is a distributed digital ledger providing decentralized trust, and with immutable records. Blockchain technologies create a democratized value and exchange, leading to frictionless markets, exponential market growth and autonomous business through smart contracts.

Reliance on third parties to establish trust and arrange payments is essentially eliminated with blockchain technologies. With computer-generated contracts that specify terms of engagement, value is exchanged directly with any counterparty, in complete isolation from intermediaries. Furthermore, these smart contracts do not rely on government-backed currencies, but rather on individual digital currencies, or value exchange via resources such as data or services.

The Xplora team has a solid understanding of the critical success factors for blockchain projects through experience in developing and deploying blockchain solutions for enterprise clients on a global scale.

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